Company Profile

Jialian Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, the main product is the herringbone dynamic pressure bearing, HGFDB (Herringbone Groove Fluid Dynamic Bearing), this bearing belongs to High-precision products, herringbone groove processing technology has um grade, bearings can be used in miniature high speed Cooling fan, miniature high-speed motor and other related products, development of herringbone dynamic pressure bearing (HGFDB) the technology has been patented in many countries, bringing high-end Herringbone dynamic pressure bearings (HGFDB) to the global market.

Business Philosophy
Jialian Technology Co., Ltd. upholds technological innovation, implements quality assurance system, and strengthens production management, providing high-end innovative technology and high-quality HGFDB bearings to meet the needs of customers in related industries.
And with professional knowledge, technology according to customer needs, customized design and production, so that HGFDB bearings can widely used in related industries around the world, continuous innovation and development enable enterprises to operate sustainably, bringing the industry first the advanced technology and products enable Jialian Technology to be the best alliance for rotating parts in the bearing industry.
R & D information
Herringbone dynamic pressure bearing (HGFDB) is a high-precision product with a size um rating.
Components, bearings in the global market trend towards a small and light size, Jialian Technology Co., Ltd.
The line design and development of ultra-high-precision machining special machines are put into mass production, and introduced into the market small, micro cooling wind related products such as fans and miniature high-speed motors, HGFDB bearings are characterized by high speed and long life.
Under the lubricating oil, the most important fluid in the operation of the herringbone groove is to make the bearing play the best function.
Therefore, Jialian Technology Co., Ltd. invested in the development of lubricants, which has been developed and tested for many years.
Lubricating oil, high-precision um size, high-quality lubricants create a perfect design group for HGFDB bearings
He is competitive in the bearing industry.
Jimmy Chuang
  • Cheng Kung University, BBA
  • Acku Metal Company CEO for 23 years
  • Taiwan-Japan (Koyo) Corperation, Jou Chon Needle Bearing CEO for 10 years
Dr. John Shih
  • Jia Lian Technology, General Manager for 5 years. Responsible for FDB R&D, Production line, QC, Technical Service.
  • Mechanical Engineer for 5 years at Foxconn. Group Leader of FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) R&D team.
  • Team Leader of Liner Guide bearings R&D
  • Project Leader in ITRI Taiwan, Senior M.E. for 12 years.
  • Mechanical Engineering for 20 years (Torrington Bearing Company for 10 years).
  • University of South Carolina (USC), Mechanical Engineering, P.h.D.